Klitschko: “We must impose sanctions against anyone who provokes and supports split of Ukraine”

17.03.2014 13:10

UDAR calls on Parliament and the government to impose sanctions against all those who provoke the split of the Ukrainian state and support such actions from both inside and outside, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said at a press briefing at Ukrainian crisis media center.

"These sanctions should include, inter alia, arrest or ban of the entry into the territory of Ukraine for these people, freezing of accounts of individuals and their businesses in Ukraine, investigation into the origin of funds on the accounts of these individuals and their companies; appeal to governments and financial institutions of other countries with a demand to freeze accounts and return the funds," Vitaly Klitschko said.

He also stressed the need to turn to the EU asking for sanctions against all secessionists - "Aksenov, Konstantinov and their associates who have sold their country. But they like to have vacations in the Western countries. May they feel that every action has its price". Klitschko also noted that after the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, MPs must clearly show their position to the world and will, in particular, withdraw the Ukrainian ambassador to Moscow for consultations and denounce the Black Sea Fleet agreement.

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