UDAR: "Treaty" on Crimea and Sevastopol joining Russia is an illegal act of annexation of an occupied territory”

18.03.2014 15:26

Crimea used to be and still remains an integral part of Ukraine. Today it is a temporarily occupied territory, UDAR party says.

"Russia, in violation of all international rules, has signed the "treaty" allowing Crimea and Sevastopol to join Russian Federation. Hereby RF has challenged the whole system of European and global security,” UDAR emphasizes. “Civilized world does not recognize such actions and has already assessed them. In a short time, Ukraine must build a strong, defensible, and democratic state, no matter how Russia may oppose it," the party statement runs.

UDAR points out that the state must address the issue of maintaining order and peace in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, which is attempted to shatter from outside.

"Ukraine is a sovereign and independent state and is able to bring order, build democracy, become a prosperous country, and join the European Union. This may be achieved only with strong will for changes and restart of the entire governmental system. Presidential elections should be held on May 25. Crimea will return to a strong and prosperous Ukraine," UDAR says.

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