UDAR calls for establishing an emergency operations center to protect Ukrainian citizens in Crimea

18.03.2014 17:39

The government should immediately establish an operations headquarters, which will take care of security and withdrawal of soldiers and Ukrainian patriots from Crimea, and further arrangements of their settlement, UDAR party states.

Interim President Turchynov must head the center. It must be joined by the Prime Minister, Ministers of Defence, Justice, Social Policy, Housing, and Agriculture.

"We have to defend and protect our citizens. Ukrainian soldiers risk their lives in the Crimea. Conditions for their withdrawal from the occupied territories must be urgently created. Similarly, it is necessary to help the residents of Crimea, who are forced to leave the peninsula. We must act quickly and effectively," the party declares.

Also, UDAR suggests that Ukraine should seek help and advice from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

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