Klitschko: “We must not allow the conflict in Crimea to deepen and new casualties to emerge”

18.03.2014 19:51

Ukrainian authorities must do everything to prevent deepening of the conflict in Crimea and emergence of new casualties, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko said during the broadcast at “Ukraine” TV Channel.

UDAR leader stressed that today authorities had to resort to all methods to save the lives of soldiers and Ukrainian citizens in Crimea. "But God forbid that confrontation happens. I am sure that we ought to use every opportunity to resolve the crisis through negotiations, but in no case by shedding blood," Vitali Klitschko said. The politician stressed that no soldier or peaceful citizen in Crimea shall suffer or die.

He noted that Russian Federation was heating the situation not only in Crimea but also in the East of Ukraine. "But everything is happening under false pretences," UDAR leader told. According to him, a new draft law on languages was being elaborated to address all the nuances of the use of regional languages​​. Klitschko added that decentralization of the state budget should be considered to leave a larger share of the funds earned by regions on the ground for their development.

The politician expressed gratitude to the countries that had morally supported Ukraine and imposed sanctions against the aggressor. "The sanctions have been imposed in order to clearly demonstrate that any invasion would have a proper response. I am confident that under this pressure Russia’s stance would get less aggressive," Vitali Klitschko noted. However, we had to understand that protection of Ukraine depends on ourselves, he added.

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