Klitschko: "All possible mechanisms must be launched to free Colonel Mamchur"

23.03.2014 11:53

Ukrainian authorities must resort to all possible means, from diplomatic to any possible in this situation, to free the commander of Belbek air base Yuliy Mamchur who had been arrested and jailed in Sevastopol by Russian soldiers.

"Today, we must resort to all mechanisms to free Colonel Mamchur, a true patriot and a courageous man. After these terrible weeks in Crimea, Yuliy Mamchur has become a model of military honor and loyalty to Ukraine,” Klitschko said. “Russian soldiers arrested him to remove one of the most authoritative Ukrainian army commanders, to break the morale and determination of Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea as well as in the whole army. They aim to demonstrate that Ukrainian government does not care about defenders and leaves them to their fate," Klitschko pointed out.

He is confident that release of Colonel Mamchur is a matter of honor and leadership. "We have to show that Ukraine takes care of every patriot who has not betrayed and is ready to fight for his country to the end. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately save the lives and honor of Ukrainian military personnel in Crimea and their families, and arrange a secure withdrawal to temporary deployment sites on the mainland. All the rest is treason and a move to destroy Ukrainian army," UDAR leader underlined.

Klitschko also believes, it is necessary to create a humanitarian corridor for a smooth withdrawal of all Ukrainian patriots who are forced to temporarily leave the peninsula. It is also important to present an operational plan for their resettlement and community service on Ukrainian mainland.

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