Klitschko calls for a reform of NSDC into a permanent crisis management staff

24.03.2014 18:54

It is needed to change the format of the National Security and Defence Council into a permanent crisis management staff, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko proposed at the NSDC meeting today.

"Such meetings like today should not be called after the public debate, and by default be regular. If needed, meet every day," Vitali Klitschko suggested.

He also requested the government to present clear information, where military personnel would be moved from Crimea, what are time frameworks of the redeployment, and whether appropriate infrastructure to accommodate Crimea military grouping is available. "Today, Olexandr Turchynov declared the decision to redeploy Ukrainian military and their families. But have appropriate orders been given to the troops? Are their redeployment sites ready? It is important to deliver specifics. What is the final date of the withdrawal? Where exactly will they be deployed?" leader of UDAR enquired.

Klitschko emphasizes the need for a humanitarian corridor to ensure smooth withdrawal of all Ukrainian patriots who are forced to temporarily leave the peninsula. This requires involvement of UN observers and peacekeepers, and OSCE representatives. "At what stage is this issue? For almost a month we talk about accommodation of refugees. At the same time people have to deal with their problems on their own. We help those who address us directly," the politician noted.

Leader of UDAR also initiates a special group led by Deputy Prime Minister Yarema to resolve the issues of refugees from Crimea.

Speaking about Ukraine's relations with Russia, Klitschko pointed out that Ukrainians still could not see a coherent government policy toward Russia, and borders remain unclosed. "Some separatists have been caught, but destabilization of the situation in the East continues. The issues we are raising primarily show an unsatisfactory outcome of Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior work. So it is desperately needed to dismiss Defence and Internal Affairs Ministers and replace them for professionals," UDAR leader believes.

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