Klitschko: “Following first months results, it is time to make personal changes, including Rada Speaker”

25.03.2014 10:16

Ukraine fails to act decisively to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko declared, speaking at the parliament.

"Russian incursion continues, and the reaction of our country is slow and weak. Strategic decisions are made behind the scenes and they are not clear to the public. The region has been occupied without resistance. Soldiers were defending the ships and deployment stations barehanded. They were waiting for clear orders," Vitali Klitschko said.

He pointed out that only after a half of military personnel had been lost – some remain in captivity, some could not stand the pressure and sided with the Russians - the decree on the redeployment of troops from Crimea was signed yesterday.

"If, as we are assured , that was the plan - to stand until the army on the continent achieves some goal -  why the families of soldiers have not been evacuated? Russian soldiers used them to exert pressure, threaten and blackmail! Now we must recognize these soldiers as combatants. The relevant draft bill was submitted long ago. We also must preserve and not allow to disband the units that come from the peninsula," UDAR leader underlined.

The politician noted that the commander in chief should take immediate steps to improve the defense and protection of the continental part of Ukraine.

He also stressed the need to finally close borders from political tourists, terminate the hate propaganda by Russian channels, and prosecute officials responsible for implementation of these decisions. "To stop separatism, decisive action are needed on the ground. People do not see it. They require clarity and transparency of governmental decisions. Therefore NSDC meeting in expanded format, in other words, converting into an operational headquarters should be a common practice. This must have happened not after a public debate, but on a regular basis if necessary. If necessary, every day," Vitali Klitschko stressed.

The politician underlined that following the results of the first months of work, it was time to make first personal changes. "I think the Ministry of Defense should be run by a professional who has experience in crisis management. Such consultations should start immediately. Also, the actions of some officials are also ineffective. If the things will continue like this, we can raise the question about voting for a new Speaker ," UDAR leader said.

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