Klitschko: “UDAR has prepared amendments to anti-crisis legislation and calls to consider them”

27.03.2014 16:16

UDAR urges the government to consider a number of amendments to the anti-crisis legislation, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said in his speech in Parliament.

Klitschko pointed out that the party is aware of the responsibility for the situation in the country. After four years of Yanukovych’s regime, the economy is in a state of coma. "The government has to adopt unpopular decisions. It is highly important that these measures can solve the problems the country is facing, rather than generate new ones," Vitali Klitschko said.

He informed that UDAR faction had met with the Prime Minister and had had a serious discussion about the proposed anti-crisis package and prepared their proposals how to improve this package and remove some questionable issues. "To protect the poorest, to reach balanced anti-crisis laws, our faction has prepared a number of amendments," the politician said.

In particular, UDAR calls to eliminate excessive pensions for former leadership of state agencies, cancel frankly bizarre rules, such as taxation of childcare assistance.

Moreover, Klitschko added, tax procedure should be simplified. Departments and agencies which have close issues of regulation should be merged. Corruption bodies set up by the previous government to steal budget funds must be closed.

"We understand the situation in economy. But I reiterate that today our goal is to save the country, but not create new problems which we have to resolve later," Vitali Klitschko stressed. 

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