UDAR: “Having denounced a number of agreements with Ukraine, Russia should withdraw its fleet from Crimea”

31.03.2014 17:57

After denunciation of several agreements with Ukraine, Russia should withdraw its fleet from Crimea, UDAR party claims.

The party believes that the government should demand compensation from Moscow for unilateral denunciation of the treaties.

"Only on condition that Russia begins withdrawal of its fleet from the territory of the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol, it may stop paying the rent for the use of naval facilities in Crimea. In case Russian Federation rejects to pay rent for the use of the Black Sea Fleet base, Ukrainian government have every reason to compensate the loss at the expense of the state assets of Russia in Ukraine and the companies that Russia controls," the statement runs.

In particular, this refers to a compulsory refund of the rent by debt relief for Ukrainian state companies to the companies controlled by Russian government, and above all, it refers to the debt of Naftogaz to Gazprom.

"Such unilateral actions of Russian side open a Pandora's box. In this context, the government of Ukraine should conduct a meticulous inventory of bilateral agreements with Russia, which are in one way or another a burden for Ukraine. And as a result, Ukraine should initiate denunciation of the agreements at the international level and at the level of state-owned enterprises," the party says in the statement.

First of all, UDAR points out, this refers to the onerous agreement on the Russian gas supplies to Ukraine, gas transit, and nuclear fuel supplies for Ukrainian nuclear plants. "Ukraine should refuse to pay for Russian gas at excessive prices and allow transit at low prices. The government should push for a reasonable price of gas and higher rates of gas transit. Otherwise, the issue of Russian gas sales on the eastern border should be raised. Its further transportation and selling on the western border should be the competence of Ukrtransgas or European consumers," UDAR underlines.

UDAR also believes that denunciation of bilateral agreements with Ukraine is an example of raiding at the international level.

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