Klitschko: “We need to put an end to shooting in Kiev and uncontrolled circulation of weapon”

01.04.2014 09:39

It is necessary to put an end to a situation when shooting is heard in the city centre, and a bunch of young men walk carrying weapons, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said during a speech at the Parliament.

"We understand that law enforcement agencies are in a very difficult situation these days. But the practice when one hears shooting in the city centre and sees a bunch of young men walking with weapons must be stopped. We should act decisively. Otherwise, provocations, which split the country and threaten lives and health of citizens, will continue," Vitali Klitschko stressed.

He underlined that more than forty days after the murders at Maidan had passed, and still the names of murderers had not been made public. "Have they all fled to Moscow or become a new Crimean Berkut? It is our duty to the dead to find, detain and punish the killers. And this week we are looking forward to the report of law enforcement agencies on the results of the investigation," UDAR leader pointed out.

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