Klitschko: “We need to stop "local authorities", who incite unrest in the East and coordinate with Russian forces”

08.04.2014 09:58

Heads of agencies, who are not able to protect citizens in eastern, must be held accountable. To stop "local authorities" behind the unrest they are fueling and coordinating with Russian forces is equally important, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko claimed during his speech at the parliament.

"Ukraine today is dealing with a war. Our enemy is racketeering and revenge-seeking. They are inspired from the neighbouring country. Some Ukrainians are willing to support them. These are the people who are ready to sacrifiсe the future of their country in favour of their political, business and clan interests. People in the South and East must be aware that the blame for the insurgency in the streets rests with those who are playing in separatism, who is trying to split the country and undermine elections," Vitali Klitschko pointed out.

He underlined that these are law enforcement agencies who are to deal with foreign saboteurs and hired bandits. "I want to emphasize that respected people of Donbas has not yet condemned the actions of the secessionists. The question is quite blunt, either they go public with their stance towards separatists and call on people not fall to provocations, or they have to explain their actions to law enforcement agencies. The bills we are going to vote for to enhance the responsibility for secessionism, should take into account such issues," Klitschko stressed.

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