Klitschko calls to adopt the law to hold local elections on May 25 in a proper manner

08.04.2014 09:59

Today it is necessary to pass a law that would allow conducting municipal elections simultaneously with the presidential ones on May 25 in a proper manner, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said at the parliament.

"This issue must be resolved without delay. We must vote for the law. Anyone who fails will be responsible for the funds that could be directed to social services," Vitali Klitschko urged.

He also stressed the need to form a group of high-level representatives of all interested ministries and departments to address Crimean issues. "There are many issues to be looked into. Redeployment of troops, withdrawal of refugees aid their resettlement, help to the citizens who stay in Crimea. People need to understand what the address to write to is, or a phone number to call to ask the government to help," UDAR leader underlined.

Klitschko said that it is necessary to put on the agenda and adopt the law on occupied territories, which clearly defines the status of Crimea and will protect Ukrainian citizens during the occupation and after the return of Crimea to Ukraine, which would certainly happen. Moreover, the politician noted that many people had come to the Parliament to urge MPs to cancel car utilization fee. Vitali Klitschko stressed the need to put on the agenda the bill, which the parliament had already voted as a base, and pass it as a whole.

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