Klitschko: “Russian saboteurs are not the people of Ukraine. We should have a short way with them”

15.04.2014 09:52

The time of unity and decisive action has come. We are dealing with incursion, and we must protect our country, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said in his speech at the parliament.

"Counterterrorist operation is a test of the ability of the authorities. All means must be applied, including the involvement of the Armed Forces. Russian saboteurs and hired mercenaries are not the people of Ukraine. We should have a short way with them,” Vitali Klitschko underlined. “This is what our citizens are waiting for, especially in Donbas, where they are asking for protection. The people who came at the parliament’s house last night and this morning are demanding to mobilize and defend the country," UDAR leader pointed out.

He stressed that Ukrainian legislation allows carrying out counterterrorist operations with full involvement of all forces of the Ukrainian state. "If the legislation needs to be amended, we have to do it today to avoid security officials looking for excuses from performance of their duties. Those who do not want to carry out orders, must be punished with all severity," Klitschko underlined.

The politician said that those who support secessionists must also be held accountable. "Traitors should not hide behind mandates! We must recall immunity and bring to justice those who have betrayed their people, even if they call themselves MPs. The first candidate is Tsaryov," Vitali Klitschko called.

"Tonight he was taken to the Prosecutor General’s office. Is he being prosecuted for possessing unregistered weapons arsenal in his car? Or he will continue touring, airing secessionist slogans and participating in TV programs?" UDAR leader said.


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