Klitschko vows to challenge all unlawful decisions of former Kyiv city council in court

23.04.2014 19:59

All illegal decision of the previous convocation of the Kyiv city council will be challenged and cancelled in court, the candidate for mayor of Kyiv, the leader of the UDAR Vitali Klitschko said during a press conference.

"All illegal privatization cases, everything that has been illegally taken from Kyiv citizens, will be returned to the capital’s community," Vitali Klitschko promised. UDAR leader recalled that in 2008 it took Kyiv city council's majority several hours to split up more than a thousand hectares of land. "We will take legal actions with respect to unlawful decisions. All the land that had been illegally privatized should be returned to the community," the candidate said.

Klitschko expressed hope that a democratic majority will be formed in the council to launch substantial reforms in the capital and initiate changes in the country. "The main task of everyone who comes to power is to fight against corruption. It is corruption that is a cornerstone that hampers country from development," Vitali Klitschko added. UDAR leader is convinced that only when corruption is overcome, genuine reforms may be introduced both in Kiev and in Ukraine. " I consider corruption my worst rival. No reform can be implemented as long as corruption is flourishing. We must make government transparent. Every Kyiv citizen must know how public funds are spent, on what basis any construction is held, and so on," Vitali Klitschko stressed.

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