Klitschko arrives in Odessa, visits wounded in mass clashes

03.05.2014 11:42

Leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko came to Odessa Saturday morning and visited the Jewish Hospital, where many wounded during the Friday mass clashes had been brought.

Together with Petro Poroshenko, they visited people who were being treated in the surgical and intensive care departments. Majority of them are pro-Ukrainian activists who suffered from gunshot and stab wounds.

"Surgeons say that they were operating all night long. Total 90 victims applied for medical care, among them about 30 were hospitalized. Chief physician said that a 26-year old employee of the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Court of Appeal with gunshot wounds died shortly after his arrival”, Klitschko stressed. “I would like to express my support and appreciation to Odessa citizens, who picked up the wounded from the streets and brought them to hospitals, and local pharmacies which shipped medicines for free. Odessa resisted separatists and bandits with blood and lives of peaceful people", UDAR leader pointed out.

In the hospital, activists told that that police had just watched the carnage and atrocities of armed guerrillas in the streets.

Klitschko also came to the city centre where the fights had taken place. Poroshenko and he talked to the people. Vitali Klitschko noted that the main task is to bring order and ensure peace and order in the city. In particular, he said, police officers who allowed such disorders happen and did not try to stop them must be held accountable. "Local police leadership and the staff must be reformed. People are outraged and demand protection of their country and the city", Vitali Klitschko underlined.

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