Klitschko: “We must not allow the elections on May 25 to be disrupted”

05.05.2014 15:57

Russia’s suggestions to postpone presidential elections scheduled for May 25 could lead to further destabilization in Ukraine, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko says.

"We can hear some calls of various Russian agencies to postpone or even cancel presidential elections in Ukraine. It is clear, that such statements and actions can spur destabilization in the country," Klitschko points out.

At the same time, UDAR leader stresses the importance of holding presidential elections in Ukraine and danger in case of their disruption. "Presidential elections are the only real chance to bring stability in the region and address terrorism issue. Therefore, we must do everything to ensure that presidential elections in Ukraine will take place," the politician underlined.

Vitali Klitschko adds that the government should continue focusing on organization of the electoral process and prevent its impediment. Furthermore, UDAR leader is convinced, citizens of Ukraine should help to prevent disruption of elections. "Ukrainians could withstand such scenarios. This requires active voting on еру election day and a high level of self-organization to prevent fraud and provocation at the poll stations", he says.

Klitschko is also sure that it is necessary to elect a new president in the first round of the elections to stabilize the situation. "There is no ground for panic or disbelief. I believe that the elections will be held in accordance with the terms adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. Democratic elections would allow all citizens to express their support to politicians with whom they associate the future of Ukraine", UDAR leader highlighted.

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