Vitali Klitschko congratulates pilots, veterans in Vasylkiv

09.05.2014 11:41

Leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko visited Vasylkiv tactical aviation brigade and congratulated pilots and veterans on the Victory Day.

"Only in acute and dangerous moments for our country we understand how important defenders are. Today, more than ever, peaceful skies depend on the people who wear Ukrainian military uniform. I am convinced that the state should do its best to raise national defence capability and prestige of military service. Current critical situation for the independence of Ukraine will teach a good lesson", Klitschko appealed to the pilots and veterans.

Today Vasylkiv hosts one of the best military airfields in Ukraine. Its crew is in constant combat readiness, regularly practises combat training and protects the sky of Kyiv. The pilots told UDAR leader that during previous two months they had had more flights than ever. Recently young lieutenants, who had graduated in 2013, had been "put on the wing". They took off on their own aircraft. This was for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine.

According to the Deputy Commander of Air Command "Center" Colonel Alexander Binkovsky, only one institution, Kharkiv Institute of the Air Forces prepares pilots. Chernigov Higher Military Aviation School, which prepared the best pilots, was disbanded over 10 years ago. "But it is important to teach the young and share experience and skill with them", Colonel Binkovsky pointed out.

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