Klitschko: “Peace and quiet in Kyiv and the country depends on each of us”

09.05.2014 14:11

Leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko together with a candidate for majority constituency 43 Volodymyr Zhmak congratulated veterans and Kievans on the Victory Day in the city park "Youth".

"Some people want to turn a day of victory into a day of war. But they will not succeed. Today, we understand how important peaceful skies over your head and peace in every home is,. It is good to have a sense of calm and confidence. But peace and quiet in our yard, neighbourhood, city and country depends on each of us", Vitali Klitschko noted.

Politician promised that he and his team would do everything in order to turn Kyiv in a comfortable city for every resident and guest. " I am confident we will do everything for decent pensions for pensioners, and decent salaries for all Ukrainians, to make public utilities qualitative. I am glad that my team is made of people for whom dignity, honour, and European values are a priority. Together with them we will change not only Kyiv, but also the whole country. All reform will begin at the capital", UDAR leader underlined.

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