Klitschko: “Decentralization cannot be discussed, holding guns in hands”

09.05.2014 14:21

Decentralization and transferring powers to regions cannot be discussed, holding guns in hands, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko told Radio Liberty.

"We need to find a compromise and I am sure that words are much stronger than arms. It is important to give broader powers to regions, but it is impossible to implement decentralization at gunpoint. We need to talk to people across the country, but one cannot engage in a dialogue with a handful of radical extremists with guns", Klitschko pointed out.

UDAR leader stressed that those who used to be in power and are eager to take revenge keep on provoking confrontation in the East of Ukraine and echo Russian propaganda. "When MPs air extremist statements at the Parliament and team up with separatists, what can we expect from regional authorities? Populist rhetoric is used to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, rather than unite the country and people", Klitschko added.

The party leader said that the most important and urgent task for the government is to stabilize the country and calm society. "We need to hold presidential elections and begin long expected reforms", Vitali Klitschko said.

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