Klitschko calls on Parliament to prevent attempts to undermine presidential elections

13.05.2014 11:04

UDAR calls on Parliament to pass a bill that will prevent all attempts to disrupt the election of the President of Ukraine and drag the country into chaos, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko underlined in his speech at Parliament.

"Presidential elections are an important step towards stabilizing the country. We must enable our citizens to vote despite all attempts to undermine the elections," Klitschko said. According to him, it is important to consider draft law 4835, which provides for organization of voting process and its safety in the current context.

According to Klitschko, these days, each session of Parliament, every decision and speech should be a step to the country's victory. "We have to work for the unity and stability of the country and respond to the attempts of dragging Ukraine into chaos. Today everyone shares responsibility. We are accountable to the history. Responsibility comes a lot faster than anyone expects", Klitschko warned.

He appealed to those whose word still has authority to the Donbas citizens asking them not to use current situation to their small goals. "It is time to stand shoulder to shoulder to repel aggression", UDAR leader underlined.

According to him, if there is a will to gather self-defence guard or influence local leaders, it all should contribute to the success of the antiterrorist operation. Vitali Klitschko highlighted that armed terrorists must be fought back, and civilians must be explained how we would build our lives in a united country.

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