Klitschko: “Kyiv must declare war against police and prosecution officers who shelter illegal money flows”

19.05.2014 12:51

Implementing reforms in the capital, I would like to rely on the people with principles, honour and conscience, and who are ready to build a new country, including Afghanistan veterans, leader of UDAR, Kyiv mayoral candidate Vitali Klitschko stressed during a meeting with Afghanistan veterans in Kyiv.

"I see many familiar faces here, those with whom we were standing shoulder to shoulder at Maidan. Despite frosty nights and police batons, pressure of security forces and danger to your lives you once again, as in Afghanistan, fulfilled your civil duty. But that was just the beginning of the struggle. Together we have much to do to change the country and the capital. We need to implement reform, bring the changes for which more than a hundred people have given their lives and tens of thousands were risking it", Vitali Klitschko said.

He stressed that first of all the capital needs to overcome corruption and shady money flows. "Kyiv must declare war on those police officers and prosecutors who shelter illegal kiosks and sit on shady cash flows stealing money from Kyiv citizens. Kyiv could fill the budget. It is necessary to fight corruption. Transparency and publicity are the best weapon against it. We must enable SMEs to develop, conduct open, transparent auctions, and fill the budget”, politician highlighted.

Klitschko thanked Afghan veterans for their active citizenship and invited them to join his team in order to implement the necessary changes together.

In addition, the candidate and Afghan Veterans Association, headed by Sergiн Kunitsyn and Kyiv City Union of Afghan Veterans led by Mykola Goncharenko, signed a tripartite agreement on long-term strategic partnership.

An Afghan Veteran from Chernigov Sergiy Bas appealed to UDAR leader, and thanked Klitschko for the help. From the first days of EuroMaidan rallies Bas was at the square, but then suddenly encountered health problems, and fell into a coma. "When the doctors gave me only 12 hours for life, the first who responded was Klitschko, and second was Kunitsyn. Now I can call them friends and brothers who have saved my life", Bas said.

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