Klitschko: “Information about alleged bribery of voters by UDAR is a dirty provocation”

20.05.2014 13:55

Information about alleged bribing voters by UDAR is nothing but a provocation, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said.

He noted that in recent days a lot of speculations, dirt and lies about alleged vote-buying by UDAR candidates to the Kyiv City Council had appeared, in particular that UDAR representatives hand out some "gift certificates", offer money, etc. When people come to get them, of course, deception comes to the surface.

Politician said that, unfortunately, his and UDAR opponents resorted to foul play. "Competitors, obviously, resort to a dirty campaign because, of high poll numbers of our political force. We want Ukrainian politics meet European standards. Yet again we see the old methods," UDAR leader underlined.

Vitali Klitschko pointed out that UDAR had never slung mud at opponents and was not engaged in or would be engage in bribing voters. "We have never bought votes for buckwheat, or rice, or money. If fraudsters promise money on our behalf, do not believe them. We stand for honest and principled politics. If someone promises you financial reward for your vote, it is nothing but a provocation. And remember: civic choices and future of the country is not for sale!" Klitschko said.

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