Klitschko urges politicians to conduct fair competition, warns against attempts to undermine elections in the East

21.05.2014 12:34

During a joint press conference with Petro Poroshenko and Eduard Gurvits, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko urged politicians to conduct a fair election, and citizens - to come to the polls to elect Ukraine’s President in the first round.

"I urge all Ukrainian politicians, in Kyiv and especially in Odessa, to contest fairly at such a difficult time for the country. Mud and political provocations that we can see today pull Ukraine back and deprive of a chance to quickly stabilize the situation”, Klitschko said. “We must now think about the country and refuse from feeding our ambitions. I hope that this Sunday will draw a line: people will elect a legitimate power and Ukraine will come out of the turbulence of these days. We need legitimate government to implement reforms, attract investments and raise the country," UDAR leader stressed.

Vitali Klitschko warned politicians who are set to disrupt elections in the East. "I am convinced that the elections should be held in the East. The voice of Donbas must also be heard and taken into account. Politicians, who want to disrupt the elections in the East, are interested in destabilization and chaos in Ukraine", Klitschko emphasized.

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