Vitali Klitschko visits Kyiv City Hall, calls on Self-defence to allow mayor office to start work

27.05.2014 17:43

Leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko visited Kyiv City Hall and appealed to the Maidan Self-defence members, who are located on the premises, to enable the new city authorities to commence work and take decisions necessary for Kyiv.

"We have seen each other in different situations: during rallies, at the barricades, on many nights and days. Thank you for what you have done. There are many people, for whom the Kyiv city administration has become home. We changed power - elected a new Ukrainian president, and Kyivans elected a mayor and city council deputies. And we need both Kyiv and the country to return to a peaceful life and launch reform," Vitali Klitschko said.

UDAR leader stressed that Kiev had chosen 120 City Council deputies, who need to hold meetings, work and adopt decisions necessary for the capital. Still, there are no offices to work in, because Maidan Self-defence occupied Kyiv City Hall. "Therefore I appeal to each of you to allow the Kyiv City Council to work and build a power vertical in Kyiv," Klitschko urged.

He underlined that "no one wants to throw people out on the street" and offered another accommodation for people who are now in the City Hall.

Klitschko visited the premises of Kyiv City Council session chamber. At present, the voting system is out of service, furniture and appliances are destroyed. This suggests that an overhaul is needed.

Klitschko spoke to people and answered all their questions about his activity as the Kyiv mayor. At the end, Self-defence members and Klitschko sang the anthem of Ukraine.

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