Klitschko: Maidan activists agreed to dismantle 5 more tents

29.05.2014 14:25

Activists have agreed to remove five tents from the Independence Square. Negotiations on barricades dismantlement are still underway, leader of UDAR, Kyiv mayoral candidate Vitali Klitschko told journalists in Parliament.

"Activists are ready to join the National Guard and remove five tents, but on condition that our team will be able to defend the interests of Ukraine," Klitschko said. He noted that he would continue to urge activists to gradually return to civilian life. "I understand that some people take my words aggressively. But we have to talk to people. I believe that Kyiv should show an example of a gradual return to civilian life in order to implement reforms," politician underlined.

According to Klitschko, Kyiv City Council must work in order to start reforms in the capital. "Still, the Council should be transparent, which is the best anti-corruption tool. KSCA building must be vacated, because how can a city develop if deputies cannot work?" Vitali Klitschko added.

UDAR leader pointed out, that it is difficult to imagine that the barricades would remain in Kyiv forever. "Some say they will stay at Maidan till a sort of a zero hour. But let us put it clearly when that time comes. Kyiv cannot be constantly on the barricades," Vitali Klitschko said.

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