Gerashchenko: UDAR gets absolute majority in Kyiv City Council

29.05.2014 14:27

According to the simultaneous ballot counting at the joint campaign headquarters of presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko and Kyiv mayoral candidate Vitali Klitschko, more than 40% of Kyivans have voted for UDAR. Therefore, the party faction obtains 32 deputies running on a party list, head of the Kyiv Joint Headquarters, UDAR MP Irina Gerashchenko told during a press briefing.

Gerashchenko pointed out that UDAR received an unusual support in 48 majority constituencies. She noted that in two constituencies ballot recount were still underway, and the heads of these election commissions delayed the results submission. "We have information about alleged attempts to fix an election by candidates Puzanov and Kurinnyi," the MP said.

Irina Gerashchenko also informed that she had prepared an appeal to the law enforcement agencies, prosecution office and court concerning alleged violations of the electoral legislation by candidate A. Suprunenko in his constituency.

Gerashchenko stressed the use of unfair schemes by at least seven candidates who ran self-nominated, but unlawfully used UDAR and Poroshenko’s information campaign design. The MP showed reporters samples of their campaign materials - newspapers and prospects - which they had used in their unfair campaign.

"So these candidates have misled voters. We demand to give a legal assess of their campaigns and actions," Irina Gerashchenko underlined, adding that he had already prepared appeals to the law enforcement agencies.

At the same time Gerashchenko noted that in general the campaign had been fair, democratic, without bribing voters and pressure on election commissions members. She also thanked Kyivans for their consciousness and citizenship.

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