Klitschko suggest City Council deputies to join premises renovation

06.06.2014 16:25

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko urges City Council deputies to contribute to renovation of the KCSA premises.

"There are no funds in the budget. We will seek for a compromise in order to find the necessary funds. We will appeal to our deputies, many of whom represent small and medium business and can contribute to renovation of the premises and start our work as soon as possible," Vitali Klitschko suggested.

After a press briefing, Klitschko guided journalists around the Kyiv City Council building and showed the condition of the office and the session hall.

"We will renovate this hall, but what I do not like is that there is no room for media representatives to attend the meetings. We want the authorities to be open, and all decisions to be adopted transparently. Therefore, journalists were able to follow the meetings only at the screens on the sidelines. So we are considering a project for a large transparent glass hall on the premises, which journalists could easily attend and see the way decisions are made. We have addressed Georgian experts who built a House of justice in their homeland," Vitali Klitschko said.

The new mayor also noted that a voting system Rada 3 would be installed at the meeting hall.

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