Klitschko inspects Kyiv food markets: “Unregulated street trading in Kyiv must be eliminated, illegally installed kiosks removed”

12.06.2014 15:39

Unregulated street trading in Kyiv must be eliminated and illegally installed kiosks must be removed, Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko said after a visit to the city food markets – Lukianivkskyi and Zhytnyi markets and adjacent areas.

"Operation principles of the kiosks must be revised. All vending stands installed in violation of the legislation, must be dismantled. When I approached, all kiosks at Lukyanivska Metro station were closed. They have been installed illegally. The "documents" are all outdated. Some of these papers were issued in 2006, some in 2009. Struggle against unregulated trading is the responsibility not only of municipal authorities, but also of those who work at and run the markets," Vitali Klitschko emphasized.

Kyiv mayor stressed that chaotic trading in the capital not only creates a lot of inconvenience to city residents, but also poses a risk, as the rules prohibit to put kiosks within 20 meters from subway exits, streets crossings, public transport stops and urban green areas. In addition, illegal stands are in shadow, and the taxes do not fill municipal budget.

"No one can count how many illegal kiosks are scattered around Kyiv. If some are taken away, they spring up like mushrooms in other places. According to some experts, about 20 thousand kiosks operate illegally. They block traffic, Illegally connect to power lines. Alcohol stands are placed near schools. Unregulated trading not only undermines the security, but distorts the appearance of the city," Klitschko said.

He noted that information about lease rates must be open to public. Entrepreneurs must know how much they have to pay, what percentage stays at the market administration to keep the premises clean, and how much funds are forwarded to the city budget. Mayor urged market directors to create low-rent trade places.

"It is unanimously reported that police receives dividends from unregulated trading, paying no attention to the stands which are currently blocking the exits from subway stations. You coordinate with the police and you know who is responsible for this area. Please contact the police to eliminate unregulated trading near the market, at the metro entrances, and at the public transport stops,” Klitschko addressed Lukianiskyi  market director. “As soon as such cases repeat, and you are unable to influence the situation, let the mayor office know. We will address law enforcement office responsible for order in the area and at the market. If they do not fulfil their direct duties, they will be dismissed and substituted by people willing to work in accordance to the law rather than raise toll from illegal traders," mayor said.

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