Kovalchuk: Lustration should be held at all levels of government

16.06.2014 11:54

Parliament should prolong lustration of authorities, head of UDAR faction in parliament Vitali Kovalchuk said during the coordination board meeting.

According to Kovalchuk, nationwide election of the President of Ukraine was the first step in lustration process. "We must ensure early parliamentary elections to be held. This Parliament should be re-elected, meeting demands of about three-quarters of citizens," Kovalchuk underlined.

UDAR faction head stressed the importance of lustration at all other levels of the state government, including the executive branch, courts, and prosecutor's office. Kovalchuk reminded that one of the first decisions that had been adopted after the revolution was the legislation on restoration of confidence in the judiciary. "But what kind of confidence we can talk about, when the same judges, prosecutors, or investigators who had been preparing and handing down sentences against Maidan activists, not only continue to work, but also adopt corrupt decision. The case of Lozinsky is the last straw. The law must work," politician said.

Vitaliy Kovalchuk also underlined that the Minister of Justice should brief MPs on the implementation of the legislation on restoration of confidence in the judiciary.

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