Klitschko: “Kyiv is finally open for business and foreign investment”

17.06.2014 17:15

Kyiv city mayor, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko met with representatives of German businesses in Ukraine during a meeting "Ukraine after the elections: new opportunities and challenges" at the German Embassy to Ukraine.

"This is my first speech for an international audience as a mayor, and foreign businessmen are this audience. This is another indication that one of the key priorities of the new Kyiv authorities is to attract investment. I understand that it is not enough just to appeal for investors. We will create necessary climate to enable investment freely flow into the city. My message is “Kyiv is finally open for serious business”. I guarantee that every foreign investor, who arrives in Ukraine in these turbulent times, bringing new ideas, new vision, has clear rules to develop their business. It is also about creating new jobs and paying taxes to the budget," Klitschko stressed.

Kyiv city mayor underlined that Kyiv is a big city with a vast economic complex. "That is why we are interested in investments in almost all spheres of the city. Let me name just several directions: roads, interchanges, infrastructure, comprehensive restructuring of abandoned industrial areas, recreation zones on the Dnieper banks," the mayor pointed out. He stressed that the new authorities are ready to consider different mechanisms of investments, including concession.

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