Klitschko meets US business representatives in Ukraine

04.07.2014 12:44

Kyiv city mayor, leader of the UDAR party Vitali Klitschko took part in the roundtable "Moving Kyiv forward now, the centre of business & economic development of Ukraine", initiated by the US-Ukrainian Business Council (USUBC).

"I am well aware that just to urge investors is not enough. We all know that today Ukraine cannot realize its potential due to corruption and poor management. Therefore, we are supposed to create the necessary conditions to boost economy and attract investment to the city," Klitschko said.

The mayor stressed that crackdown on corruption is a primary step for improvement of business climate in the capital. "The key issue that keeps investors off the Ukrainian market is flourishing corruption. As a result, businessmen, who come to Ukraine, simply do not understand how to do business here,” Klitschko told. “My task as mayor is to make every investors feel that their investments are protected and he will be able to earn profit."

Vitali Klitschko stressed the need for information exchange between local authorities and investors. "I extend a hand to each of you. Let us stop just talking about potential, let us use it," the mayor called on the businessmen.

According to Klitschko, Kyiv is attractive for investment. «Kyiv is a complicated economic complex. We are interested in attracting investment in almost all city life areas: roads, infrastructure, full restructuring of the industrial areas, recreation complexes, development of e-governance infrastructure and modern ways of communication between citizens and authorities," the mayor stressed during the panel.

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