Kovalchuk: Early elections will stabilize Ukraine and guarantee the absence of the 5th Column in next convocation

24.07.2014 13:45

Early parliamentary elections will stabilize Ukraine in the future and guarantee that at parliament there will be no 5th column, now openly lobbying Russian Federation interests, the head of the UDAR parliamentary faction Vitaliy Kovalchuk, commenting to journalists on the parliament sidelines.

"Today our pulling out of the coalition is a beginning of a process that will allow the president to appoint an early parliamentary election. UDAR faction has started this process, “Svoboda” faction and part of independent MPs and Batkivshchyna MPs supported us. Today it is clear that there is no coalition at parliament,” Vitaliy Kovalchuk said.

At the same time, UDAR faction head added, the absence of a coalition does not mean that MPs cannot adopt necessary legislation, like on protection against aggression, and the army support.

MP reminded that UDAR would clearly state its stance about the need for early parliamentary elections. Moreover, political lustration is one of the basic demands of people. "The only way for the lustration is a snap election – a stabilizing factor, and guarantee of the absence of 5th column at Parliament, which is now openly lobbying the interests of the aggressor – Russia," Vitaliy Kovalchuk underlined.

The politician pointed out that he sees no reason to date for creation of a new coalition at parliament. "I think any attempt to create a new coalition will be in vain. After 30 days, the president will have a lawful, under the Constitution, right to call for early parliamentary elections," Kovalchuk summed up.

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