Kovalchuk: Parliamentary election must be held as soon as possible

07.08.2014 11:16

To spare budget costs and purge legislative body, parliamentary election campaign in Ukraine should take place as soon as possible and within a short time, head of the UDAR faction in Parliament Vitaliy Kovalchuk said.

"Next week we have to approve amendments to election legislation. It should make parliament a true representative body of the people, being able to support necessary reform,” Kovalchuk said. “The first issue is openness and transparency. We support introduction of proportional system with open lists, to combine responsibilities of parties to the community and deputies to the voters," the head stressed.

Also, according to Kovalchuk, it is necessary to introduce the rules on transparency of funding and regular reports on them at all stages of an election campaign to ensure that citizens understand what forces are behind a party. "The second issue is a formation of a democratic, pro-European majority in a new parliament. We support the idea of ​​formation of electoral blocs of parties for the sake of joining democratic forces,” Vitali Kovalchuk underlined. “The third question is sparing of public funds. We must optimize costs and increase the amount of deposit for political parties, paid to the budget," Kovalchuk emphasized.

He added that UDAR supports the idea of ​​early elections to be held as quickly as possible to move to implementation of reform and changes in the country, which jointly the President, democratic majority of the Parliament and the Government should implement.

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