Klitschko urges Kyiv police head to ensure safety and protection of Kyivans and municipal services workers who clean Khreshchatyk

07.08.2014 12:41

Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko has called on the head of Kyiv Police Olexandr Tereshchuk to ensure safety of Kyiv citizens and defend public services workers who are clean Khreshchatyk Street.

"Majority of Kyivans demand order and security in the city centre. The things that has happened recently is crime, like attacks, shooting, explosions, attempts of illegal seizure of business. It complete discredits ideals of Maidan," Kyiv mayor said.

He stressed that current unrests at Maidan are unacceptable. Klitschko noted that city authorities have been negotiating and urged people to leave Maidan.

"These people talked from the position “We will not go away, bring us a refrigerator, a toilet or something”. Is it a struggle for democracy? Somebody has privatized Kyiv centre and dictates terms, while a war is raging in the East, and the country needs work. Moreover, the main demands of Maidan have been fulfilled - we held presidential elections and early parliamentary elections will be held. Today we have to work, not defame the idea of Maidan and the country!" Vitali Klitschko underlined.

He said that police is obliged to ensure safety for Kyivans, so that the city centre does not become an enclave of crime.

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