Klitschko: European politicians realize that Russian aggression against Ukraine threatens European and global security

31.08.2014 23:28

After a straightforward military invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, European politicians understand that Putin’s aggression poses threat to European and global security. Therefore, reaction of the EU politicians will be more rigid, UDAR leader, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko said in an interview to the Inter TV channel.

"I am confident that after a meeting in Brussels the statements and actions of the European politicians will be stricter. And not only those concerning sanctions against Russia. Now everyone talks not about a conflict in the East of our country, but rather about a direct military incursion of Russia into Ukraine," Klitschko said.

UDAR leader noted that most European politicians realize that the events in the Ukrainian East are not a local Ukrainian problem, but a global-scale one. "Geopolitical ambitions of certain persons in Russia may lead to a global conflict. Europeans try to solve the situation diplomatically, without blood. Unfortunately, Russian diplomacy remains deaf to the appeals of Europe and the world to put an end to the conflict. The situation in Ukraine can only be resolved by uniting the efforts of the whole world. I am confident that Ukraine will not face the aggressor one-on-one," Klitschko stressed.

The leader of UDAR is convinced that the issue of economic and business links with Russia, in particular for Germany, has receded into the background. "The main strategic issue is security, peace and stability throughout Europe. Germans are well aware about this, and the response to Russian aggression will be tougher," Vitali Klitschko emphasized.

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