Klitschko: Maidan has asserted European choice of Ukraine

11.09.2014 22:20

Maidan has asserted the European choice of Ukraine and now we are on the right way, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko said in his speech at the YES Conference meeting in Kyiv.

“A year ago at the conference I asked the then President Yanukovych whether he was ready to take responsibility and resign in case the Association Agreement would not be signed. I remember some people smiling, as nobody believed in it and it seemed unreal. Yanukovych did not sign the agreement. Neither was he willing to resign, but the whole country dismissed him,” Klitschko underlined.

 He pointed out that Ukrainians see their future together with Europe. He noted that Ukrainians were the first who shed blood for the European choice. And today Ukraine defends not only itself, but also the whole Europe against Russian aggression.

“More than a hundred people who we call Heavenly Hundred gave their lives for changes in the country. We have launched reforms and reloaded power. But not all like the idea of European choice of Ukraine. We see battles raging in the east. But we will remain a united independent state. Our future is Europe,” Klitschko underlined.

He thanked world democracies for the support of Ukraine and sanctions against Russia. “Only being united with a democratic world we will be able to stop the aggressor. Peace is what we all need,” Kyiv mayor said.

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