Klitschko: We must expedite implementation of deep reform based on the Association Agreement

12.09.2014 16:08

Despite the war, which has been forced by Russia, we have to expedite elaboration and implementation of reforms based on the Association agreement between the EU and Ukraine, leader of the UDAR Party, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko told in his speech at Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin.

He emphasized that these reforms must touch all the spheres of life in Ukraine.

“For all of us defending our independence is a continuation of a struggle against Yanukovych’s regime at Maidan for assertion of European democratic values and standards, development of competitive economy and assuring decent life standards for our citizens. This is what Putin’s regime wants to interfere. He is afraid of Ukraine who dismissed an authoritarian ruler and who has a chance to build a democratic, strong, and wealthy country,” UDAR leader stressed.

According to Klitschko, recent moths had proved that implementation of reforms is hardly possible without early parliamentary election, as the current convocation does not match with the changes that had happened in the country. “The Verkhovna Rada has become a burden, which pulls Ukraine back. We understand how difficult will it be to hold this election in current situation, but there is no any other option for us,” Klitschko pointed out.

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