Klitschko receives award for contribution to democratic movement in Ukraine

13.09.2014 13:32

Leader of the UDAR Party, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko received the M100 Award in Potsdam, which a jury of influential chief editors, leadership, and German media publishers awards for contribution to the development of democracy and struggle for freedom of speech and human rights. Klitschko was awarded for contribution to the democratic movement in Ukraine and the efforts for a peaceful resolution of conflict situations and avoiding confrontation during Maidan protests.

Representatives of the diplomatic corps, media experts, leading journalists, media managers, and owners of major German publications attended the ceremony, held in the Sanssouci Palace.

At the ceremony in Potsdam, a short documentary about Maidan was shown to hail dedication of Ukrainian people in their struggle for dignity and civilization choice Ukraine.

Vitali Klitschko thanked for a high assessment of aspirations of Ukrainian people for freedom and a decent life in a democratic European country. "It's not my personal award. It is an award and recognition of the efforts of millions of Ukrainians who came at Maidan, who struggled for their future in a free European country. It is also a testimonial of heroism of those, who gave their lives at Maidan, an those who are defending our country today, as the struggle for a free Ukraine is still underway," Klitschko said.

The president of the European Parliament  Martin Schulz delivered an opening speech. He noted that Europe nowadays is facing serious challenges as warfare unfolds in Europe. That is why Ukraine should not be left one-on-one in its struggle for independence and territorial integrity.

Also in Potsdam two members of the YanukovychLeaks project were awarded for contribution to the development of democracy and fight against corruption in Ukraine.

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