Klitschko: Ratifying the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine chooses the only right way from a totalitarian to a European state

16.09.2014 15:06

Having ratified the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukrainian parliament has chosen the only right way - from a totalitarian to European state, leader of the UDAR Party, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko told reporters on the sidelines of parliament.

"The ratification will allow to finally create clear rules and clear rules for small and medium businesses," Klitschko told.

He expressed hope that European living standards would be introduced in Ukraine. "This is our chance to develop and strengthen our country. Using it wisely, we will get what the whole of Europe has now," Kyiv mayor stressed.

He also noted that Ukraine vitally needs implementation of effective reforms, although unpopular steps are inevitable. "We choose the path from a totalitarian oligarchic country to a European state," Klitschko emphasized.

The politician added that UDAR faction had unanimously supported the Agreement. "We have always insisted that it is the only right choice for Ukraine," Vitali Klitschko stressed.

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