Klitschko talks with Kyiv residents at the Independence Square

21.11.2014 14:00

The mayor of Kyiv, head of the UDAR Party Vitali Klitschko together with UDAR MPs commemorated the anniversary of the EuroMaidan protests and the victims of the Revolution of Dignity, and talked with Kyivans.

UDAR MPs walked up Instytutska street from the Independence Square and laid flowers at the memorial signs to the late activists under a pedestrian bridge.

“A year ago a struggle for a free, independent and European Ukraine began. Now it goes on and we still have so many things to do. We have to preserve our independence and territorial integrity despite the desire of people who are afraid of Ukraine’s success after the Revolution of Dignity,” Klitschko told journalists later.

He emphasized that those guilty in Maidan shootings must be punished. “We know the names of all who ordered to shoot at people. But all of them are hiding in Russia and continue funding the war in the east from the money they stole from Ukraine. Also, the investigation concerning the perpetrators of the crime has slowed. We need to dot all the “i”s and punish those who killed peaceful people,” Klitschko underlined.

Also, the mayor talked to Kyiv residents at the Independence Square. “I know there are a lot of problems and we can name them all day long. But our key task remains to hold reforms which will help Kyiv to develop, fill its budget and bring city’s economy to order. The capital must be a comfortable place for both residents and visitors,” he said.

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