Klitschko: New parliament is better than previous

27.11.2014 13:01

Today majority of the elected MPs take democratic and pro-European stance. I am sure that this convocation is much better than previous, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko commented to journalists at the parliament sidelines.

“We initiated early elections. Despite the fact that many controversial persons managed to get elected, this parliament will be far more better than that formed by the Yanukovych majority. A large group of UDAR representatives have been elected and they will protect interests of Kyiv as well as all the regions, since all the Ukrainians expect changes,” Klitschko stressed.

Answering the question if this convocation would last until the end of it legal period, Klitschko said that it would depend on the quality of deputies’ work. “If they would work well and protect the interests of society, they will work their full term. If not, one cannot rule out that the work of this convocation may end before time,” the mayor underlined.

Commenting on his decision to withdraw from the mandate, Klitschko emphasized that it would have not been honestly and inconsistent in relation to Kyiv residents to leave mayoral office. “President is in charge of foreign and domestic policy, prime minister is responsible for economy, and deputies are responsible for legislation. I took the responsibility for the capital city. I am in charge of implementing reforms in Kyiv. Responsibilities of a mayor and a deputy differ. At the municipality they are more practical,” Klitschko stressed.

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