Klitschko: UDAR will participate in next local election as a separate force

29.11.2014 12:36

The UDAR Party remains a strong Ukraine-wide political power, which should triple its efforts for the sake of implementation of reforms, the mayor of Kyiv, leader of the UDAR Party Vitali Klitschko said during 2nd deputies forum of the party.

“Today UDAR must remain a consolidated power. We must understand the aims of the party and needs of Ukraine at this moment. We clean up the party, and develop it. We face new challenges and decide ho to solve them, and what way to choose. Today the party should triple its efforts for the sake of changes at all levels. As deputies, you represent the party in local state power bodies, which is a great responsibility and people put hopes on you. UDAR must continue its work with evident results,” UDAR leader underlined.

Vitali Klitschko remarked that at next local elections UDAR would participate as a separate force. “We should prepare for this election to get a descent result and not to disappoint people. UDAR is a strong Ukraine-wide party, which poses immense but realistic aims. We are only at the beginning of our way,” the mayor emphasized.

He told that he had attended the first parliament session on Thursday when MPs had not received new badges yet. “Nevertheless, all our MPs had UDAR badges on! I am proud of you, colleagues! Our MPs are not just a part of the coalition. This is the best part of the coalition. It is its fist not just because we wear our badges, but because we are on a right way! This people will not retreat and let down,” the leader said.

Vitali Klitschko also emphasized that he had taken responsibility for Kyiv and would do his best to ensure changes at Ukraine’s capital city. “We have a strong faction in the City Council. As it is in Ukraine, if it is OK in Kyiv, it I OK in whole Ukraine. I promise, in Kyiv everything will be good!” UDAR leader stressed.

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