Kutovyi: UDAR group is the largest part in PPB faction

29.11.2014 13:14

UDAR group is the largest part in Petro Poroshenko’s Block faction, and it will do its best to implement reforms as soon as possible, the head of the UDAR group in the PPB faction Taras Kutovyi said during the 2nd deputies forum of the party.

Kutovyi emphasized that as for today, a coalition had been formed at parliament, which encompasses a constitutional majority of MPs. “UDAR group is the largest part in Petro Poroshenko’s Block faction. We are a consolidated team. All MPs who belong to the group are professional and patriotic,” the MP said.

At the same time, Kutovyi emphasized, it is vital to do everything possible to implement reforms in Ukraine, as the people would not excuse slow actions and mistakes of a new parliament. “People will not excuse us if we do not dot all the Is in all the cases of abuse of the people which led to the Revolution of Dignity. We will be categorical, all the people who are to blame must be punished. Still, we would not be able to realize our mandate for reform if people do not trust us,” he said.

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