Klitschko: We must reload local authorities where no early elections were held

29.11.2014 15:04

Local authorities must be reloaded in the shortest time possible where there were no early elections were held and Party of Regions representatives are still at office, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko said at a press conference during the 2nd deputies forum of the UDAR Party.

“All Ukrainians supported state power reloading. Now we have a democratic majority at parliament and a new president. We have reloaded Kyiv municipal authorities. For almost three years Kyiv lived without a mayor, because Party of Region did not have a representative with a sufficient support among Kyivans and a chance to beat representatives of other parties.  They did not hold elections despite of the decay of local self-government and breach of law. We have elected a new mayor of Kyiv and City Council. Next logic step would be reload local authorities where it has not happened. Party of Regions and Communists representatives run many local bodies, which were formed during Yanukovych presidency. Local authorities must be reloaded where there were no early elections,” Klitschko emphasized.

He underlined that UDAR would participate in next local elections as a separate political force.

UDAR leader noted that politics must be honest, transparent and open. “These are the principles we are building our party on,” Klitschko said.

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