Klitschko: After its European choice, Ukraine must minimize its dependence on Russia

10.12.2014 14:15

Having chosen a European path of development, Ukraine must minimize its dependence on Russia, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko said during a meeting with FCO Minister for Europe David Lidington in London.

“Aggression against Ukraine is an answer to the European choice of our country. This is not a local conflict at Donbas, this is a war, which threatens to destabilize Europe. That is why the latter must stay united so as not to allow it. At the same time Ukraine has no other choice than break dependence on Russia, economic, political, and mental. We must do this in the shortest time possible,” Klitschko emphasized.

He noted that in order to achieve that Ukraine should implement quick reforms and eliminate corruption, which hampers changes and repels investors, which might bring their money to Ukraine.

David Lidington emphasized that Ukraine had made an important decision stepping on the European path of development. The United Kingdom respects Ukraine’s right to choose its future by itself and take decisions free of external interference. Also, according to Lidington, it is important for Europe and the world to receive objective and unbiased information about developments in Ukraine.

Also, in London Vitali Klitschko will meet with the member of parliament, chairman of the British - Ukraine all party parliamentary group John Wittingdale, mayor of London Boris Johnson, and take part in the Ukraine Investment Summit, organized by Adam Smith Institute.

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