Klitschko in Davos: Ukraine will never be a part of empire Kremlin dreams of

22.01.2015 17:12

Ukraine will never become a part of the empire Kremlin dreams of. The people of Ukraine have stepped on the path which leads to Europe, leader of the UDAR Party, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko told in an interview to CNBC channel in Davos.

"Whatever Russia does, Ukraine will never join the empire, which Kremlin dreams of. The people of Ukraine has chosen their path, which leads to Europe," Klitschko emphasized.

According to Klitschko, Ukraine should move forward so as not to lose its European dream. "Indeed, our country finds itself in an extremely tough situation, which poses serious challenges. But there is no other way than tackle all the difficulties and become successful," Klitschko said during a panel "Scenarios for Ukraine". "We must assert our independence and territorial integrity, return peace and implement effective reforms," he stressed.

He emphasized that Ukraine's capital had become a ground, where reforms in Ukraine would begin. Klitschko underlined that healthcare and road police reforms would start particularly in Kyiv.

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