Klitschko: If Russian “diplomacy” means arms and deaths, Ukraine has to defend

07.02.2015 15:49

Ukraine deploying together with the democratic world ultimate efforts to resolve Donbas crisis in a peaceful way receives as an answer Russian “diplomacy” with arms and murder of Ukrainian citizens and fully distorted situation assessment. That is why we have to defend, protecting territorial integrity and independence of our country, leader of the UDAR Party, mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko told journalists at the Munich security conference.

“There are a lot of opinions how to resolve the conflict in the East. Some propose to continue negotiations, some offer to supply arms to Ukraine,” Klitschko said. “Many understand that Ukrainians cannot protect their land and future with bare patriotism, courage, and sacrifice. Every day our citizens – servicemen, civilians and children – die in the Donbas. This must be stopped,” Klitschko emphasized.

He stressed that he had been confused by Angela Merkel’s speech at the conference expecting to hear about progress in peaceful settlement talks. “We expected to hear about some positive results of the talks. This proves what diplomacy in Putin’s view is. I did not expect much from Lavrov’s speech. But I really did not expect that he would make laugh the whole audience with his assessment of the developments in Ukraine. Though it is not funny at all,” Klitschko underlined.

During the meeting with the Senator McCain, Klitschko thanked for his stance on what assistance Ukraine needs.

“But for necessary defence weapon, we need support in security sector and army reforms. We have to train strong army,” Klitschko underlined.  “That is why we ask you to help in education of young Ukrainian servicemen. We have launched the police reform n Kyiv, so we need assistance in training and equipping staff for a special operation unit similar to the US SWAT,” Klitschko noted.

Senator McCain assured the mayor that the United States are ready to provide necessary assistance for reforms in Ukraine. He emphasized that the US would continue negotiations and further discussion with other countries to provide assistance so that Ukraine could effectively defend.

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