Klitschko: We need urgent reforms in defence, security, and state governance sectors to ensure effective defence and development of the country

07.02.2015 19:13

To be able to defend our territorial integrity and independence and boost the economy, Ukraine needs assistance for implementation of urgent reforms in defence sphere, as well as state governance, leader of the UDAR Party, mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko said in a speech at "Tackling state fragility and failure: the corruption dimension" panel at the Munich Security Conference.

“For a long period of time Ukraine lived under the influence of Russian Federation. Our neighbour did everything possible so as not to allow development of state institutions and whole security sector, including army. Now when we are facing the developments in the east, we need assistance to train staff, who will be able to build lean and effective government structures. Therefore we need the experience and knowledge accumulated by western countries,” he emphasized.

Talking about fighting corruption, which is the main obstacle for reforms, the mayor stressed that in this context the experience of Georgia is very precious, as with the help of the EU and the USA they managed to reach amazing results.

Klitschko also told how Kyiv municipal authorities tackles corruption. He reiterated that key principles are transparency and publicity. “Now we are working on the implementation of e-governance system, to make all the processes in Kyiv fully transparent. The first step in this field is e-budget, which will enable city residents to track all municipal revenues and expenditures and control the authorities,”

He said that police and healthcare reforms in Ukraine, which began from Kyiv, would also facilitate tackling corruption in these spheres.

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