Klitschko: We create a united political force aware of responsibility for effective reforms and real changes

28.08.2015 12:52

Today we create a united political force which is aware of responsibility for effective reforms, real changes, and perspectives of our country, leader of the UDAR Party, mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko said at the UDAR and Solidarnist conference.

“UDAR and Solidarnist set a good example of cooperation before presidential, mayoral and parliament elections. And we won! All together. Today we create a united political, I would like to highlight, force aware of responsibility for the processes which are taking place in our country, effective reforms, real changes, and perspectives of our country,” Klitschko emphasized.

He stressed that whereas one can speculate about who joined whom with which “quotas and percentage”, the new entity is not a formality, but a true alliance of democratic forces to avoid a recoup of former power representatives, against whom Maidan raised.

“Today we are making a responsible step, as the recoup of former forces is possible as never before. Maidan struggled against those forces, they shot Ukrainian patriots there. Now these politicians have changed their skin and tell how they care about the people and how to change the country. That is why we should prevent the mistakes of the past, when the democratic forces of the Orange Revolution fought who are more influential which brought Yanukovych to power. Today it is necessary to close our ranks and not allow this plague to squeeze in again!” UDAR leader stressed.

Vitali Klitschko remarked that he was aware of his own responsibility, both as a party leader and a mayor of the capital city. “I do not need a status of a party head or an office. The main thing is what you are doing and why, because people see it all and will assess you! People will trust the authorities, which are in the first place guided by their interests, rather than political motives,” the mayor said. ”I have already said, being aware of responsibility, and all the changes that we launched in Kiev, we should bring them to an end. Realize our plans, both in the capital and in the country. We have laid the basis, but the success of changes will mainly depend on local authorities who Ukrainian people are going to elect this autumn. People need real actions, but not slogans and beautiful tales. Ukrainians have proved that they have dignity. And we deserve to live in the best country,” Vitali Klitschko stressed.

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