Klitschko in Davos: whole civilized world is facing hybrid threats

22.01.2016 19:32

Today one cannot help noticing hybrid threats and pretend that everything is fine, as they are already at the very borders of Europe, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko said at the discussion “Confronting hybrid threats” at the World economic forum in Davos.

“At this stage, my country feels most acutely these hybrid threats. You all know about the conflict in the Donbas and the annexation of Crimea. The reason for those is the fact that for a long time the world was reluctant to notice growing trends of hybrid threats. Now one cannot help noticing them, as these threats are already at the very borders of Europe,” Kyiv mayor said.

Klitschko is sure that the global security system which was formed after World War II does not have time to respond to threats immediately and adequately. “That is why we are facing the need to reform and create a new system of global security, as aggressive separatism and terrorism begin to destroy global peace and tranquility more and more often. And no one can pretend that everything is fine anymore, because the whole civilized world is facing hybrid threats,” politician stressed.

“And that is why we should reform the United Nations so as not to allow it turn it into the League of Nations, and make it function to effectively ensure global security. It is also very important to start a truly global fight against terrorism. And for that, too, there is a need to develop an effective mechanism, preferably within the framework of the UNO. Once we succeed in this, a new impetus to development of the global economy will appear,” Vitali Klitschko emphasized.

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